For your convenience we are now offering our customers Curbside Pickup or Home Delivery.

Curbside Pickup

  1. Call the store to order and pay
  2. Drive to the store
  3. Call to let us know you are here
  4. We will carry it out and load your vehicle

Home Delivery

  1. Call in your order and pay
  2. Give us your address and drop off location example (in front of red barn) OUTSIDE ONLY
  3. We deliver Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays

Orders must be over $39

Delivery Charges based on location from Google Maps

0-5 miles $5.00

5-10 miles $10.00

10-15 miles $ 15.00

15+milesĀ  $1.50 a mile

Order of 10 bags of feed or hay or more, will be and extra charge of $25